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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stupid Ghost

This is the ridiculous video I have ever watched. Haha. Quite funny but for those heart-fainted you are advised not to watch this stupid video.
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Scary CCTV Ghost

For those who have heart-fainted, you are advised not to watch this video. Anyway, I grabbed this ghost video from the Internet and I don't know it's real or not. It's up to you guys whether you want to believe it.
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Real Pontianak

This is also happened in Brunei (Temburong). Temburong is one of Brunei districts and quite far from Brunei town. Anyway, those 2 army are exchanging army from Singapore to Brunei. By that time, they were tasked to guard one of posts in Temburong and they didn't know actually that place was really creepy and haunted. Bruneians should know that. While the guy was singing, suddenly they heard creepy voice and it's actually "Pontianak". The video is also real. : D
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Langsuir is another Malay ghost that you won't find in any European countries. This kind of ghost is quite similar to "Pontianak" but a little bit differences. You can see the ghost near the tree if you look closely. By the way, the guy who captured the video is Malaysian.
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Indonesian Pontianak

That ghost was real and it's not fake. Actually, they captured the ghost appearance from one of "ghost seekers" TV shows in indonesia. It was the most popular TV programme about a few years ago. Why I'm telling the ghost was real because before they did this show, they put some spells on their video cameras and gadgets. That's why they can easily captured ghosts. If you they didn't put some spells on their video cameras or gadgets, its hard for them to capture the ghost or not at all. That's the difference between logics and believes. If you use logics, for sure you cannot capture anything.
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Hantu Real

Hantu is a translation word for ghost in Malay. Anyway, I don't see any ghosts sighting in this video. Maybe these guys made up this video to see whether they can catch up some ghost footage after they play on the computer. Unfortunately, they failed.
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This is another fake ghost video. Haha. Really funny and it's not to make you believe it. But this is the funniest video I have ever seen.

P/S: Not all ghosts can be creepy right? Sometimes you need some humor ghosts to make you laugh.. :)
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Ghost Captured On Video

This is "Pochong" (Malay ghost; you can search on the internet about this ghost). "Pochong" is a jumping ghost and when you listen to the man ascent, he's actually an indonesian guy. He's like saying something to make the ghost go away.

P/S: You won't find this kind of ghost in European countries.
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Hua Ho Ghost

I don't know whether it's real or not. Looks a little bit fake because you can see the ghost is still or not moving. Maybe the person who made up this video made it for fun. He had no intention to make you people believe about this ghost. But if someone can prove to make me believe this ghost I think I would change my mind.

P/S: This happened in Brunei. Hua Ho is a shopping mall in Brunei.
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Brunei Ghost

This is a real ghost which happened in Brunei about a few years ago. Actually they were sitting around and had a chit chat around 2 to 3 am I think. One of them took a video for fun and for no reason when suddenly a "pontianak" (malay ghost; if you want to know about this ghost you can google it) appeared. They panicked and ran into their room without shutting the door because they were afraid. Quite funny but this is not fake or made up by some noobs. I can say this is real because I live in Brunei and I can tell you which one is fake or not.
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