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Monday, January 18, 2010

Polong Ghost

Polong Ghost is referring to an evil spirit or ghost which is kept by somebody, usually a man, in order to destroy enemy. Polong Ghost is believed to be fed a blood from its owner's finger.

In Malay beliefs, "Polong" was produced by putting murdered victim's blood into a long bottle. That bottle later will be worshiped and spelled within a period of time. After seven to two weeks, a voice will be heard from the bottle. The "Polong" worshiper need to cut a little bit his finger and then inserting his bloody finger into the bottle to feed the "Polong". By feeding the "Polong", it will always be with its owner and will always do whatever its owner wants.

"Polong" will be kept in a bottle and will be taken out from the bottle when needed to destroy enemy. "Polong"'s victim can be known from bruises at the corpse and blood coming out from the mouth.
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