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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bajang Ghost

Bajang or a strange creature, is referred to a ghost, probably from a group of demons or evil spirits, reared in intention to harm an enemy. This kind of activity is also called "Saka".

Bajang is a demon worshiped from the dead fetus. It is a male demon which always turned into a pole cat. Bajang always attacking kids and can cause mysterious disease which can bring death to the victim.

Bajang will be guarded by his owner and will be kept in a bamboo tube. A specific type of leaves will be used as a cork of the tube and locked with a talisman.

Bajang will only be used when it's owner wants to attack enemy.

Bajang will be fed with eggs an milks. If its owner does not treat them well and does not give them food, the hungry Bajang will atack its owner.

Bajang can be avoided with a talisman or an amulet. There is no other way to kill Bajang, but usually when its owner is found, he or she will be killed or expelled from the village.

Bajang usually need to be owned by heir and if it does not lowered to its heir, the owner will become alive corpse. His/Her dead stink body, but when need to be buried, he/she will awake like alive. Other than that, he/she will eat gluttonously when given a food.
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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bota Ghost (Hantu Bota)

Bota Ghost (Hantu Bota) is a big freaking hideous creepy ghost that incarnated from ground. A popular ghost until it's name was used as a village's name. The local village believed that "Bota" was a name taken from a freaking big sasquatch ghost that existed there long time ago. "Bota" was a big creature, lived under the ground, hiding itself in a cave under the ground. "Bota" came out from the ground only during specific time and interested in kids that were not wearing pants.

Most of its time spent under the ground and rarely seen by humans. The old folks said the creature's body was exactly the same as the soil especially in a muddy areas, near the yellow bamboos and paddy field. Its food can be found inside the ground too and sometimes looking for food like humans meat and animals too. Humans and animals were not its favorite food because the creature comes out only during afternoon.

Usually this creature is related to a missing person in that area but the weird thing is this creature is not many and can be found anywhere especially Sg Perak's area.

P/s: Sometimes I use "Bota" as my swearing words but as soon that I know it's a ghost then I stop using it.
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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Japanese Ghost (Hantu Jepun)

Japanese ghost or "Hantu Jepun" is referring to a shadow or a ghost that looks like a Japanese army. Usually it is related to places that they believed to be Japan quarters during World War II, when Japan invaded Malaysia.

A place that usually referred to be haunted by these Japanese ghosts are school dorms, government sectors and important buildings during World War II, you can say that Japanese ghost is a little bit updated.

Usually it could be seen equipped with weapons or swords, headless or holding their heads.

Sometimes, you could see them marching at night headless.

Usually places that are haunted by Japanese ghosts are places invaded by Japan during World War.
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Friday, February 5, 2010

Hantu UITM (UIYM Ghost)

This is another scary video, its not real but still scary..
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Monday, January 18, 2010

Polong Ghost

Polong Ghost is referring to an evil spirit or ghost which is kept by somebody, usually a man, in order to destroy enemy. Polong Ghost is believed to be fed a blood from its owner's finger.

In Malay beliefs, "Polong" was produced by putting murdered victim's blood into a long bottle. That bottle later will be worshiped and spelled within a period of time. After seven to two weeks, a voice will be heard from the bottle. The "Polong" worshiper need to cut a little bit his finger and then inserting his bloody finger into the bottle to feed the "Polong". By feeding the "Polong", it will always be with its owner and will always do whatever its owner wants.

"Polong" will be kept in a bottle and will be taken out from the bottle when needed to destroy enemy. "Polong"'s victim can be known from bruises at the corpse and blood coming out from the mouth.
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