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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Bajang Ghost

Bajang or a strange creature, is referred to a ghost, probably from a group of demons or evil spirits, reared in intention to harm an enemy. This kind of activity is also called "Saka".

Bajang is a demon worshiped from the dead fetus. It is a male demon which always turned into a pole cat. Bajang always attacking kids and can cause mysterious disease which can bring death to the victim.

Bajang will be guarded by his owner and will be kept in a bamboo tube. A specific type of leaves will be used as a cork of the tube and locked with a talisman.

Bajang will only be used when it's owner wants to attack enemy.

Bajang will be fed with eggs an milks. If its owner does not treat them well and does not give them food, the hungry Bajang will atack its owner.

Bajang can be avoided with a talisman or an amulet. There is no other way to kill Bajang, but usually when its owner is found, he or she will be killed or expelled from the village.

Bajang usually need to be owned by heir and if it does not lowered to its heir, the owner will become alive corpse. His/Her dead stink body, but when need to be buried, he/she will awake like alive. Other than that, he/she will eat gluttonously when given a food.
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  1. ha, ha
    this is funny
    and informative
    honestly I like your blog. I like folklore and ghost stories and such things
    keep writing

  2. Wow, what a funny blog is this .I visit your blog its very nice,i really like your blog.Good job.Keep going.. Thank you...


  3. I think this is true. Last night me and a few of my friends went into an old house that nobody lived in for the pass few years. An while we were in there. There was cat hair everywhere and we kept hearing a cat meow. But we did not see the cat.