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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Bota Ghost (Hantu Bota)

Bota Ghost (Hantu Bota) is a big freaking hideous creepy ghost that incarnated from ground. A popular ghost until it's name was used as a village's name. The local village believed that "Bota" was a name taken from a freaking big sasquatch ghost that existed there long time ago. "Bota" was a big creature, lived under the ground, hiding itself in a cave under the ground. "Bota" came out from the ground only during specific time and interested in kids that were not wearing pants.

Most of its time spent under the ground and rarely seen by humans. The old folks said the creature's body was exactly the same as the soil especially in a muddy areas, near the yellow bamboos and paddy field. Its food can be found inside the ground too and sometimes looking for food like humans meat and animals too. Humans and animals were not its favorite food because the creature comes out only during afternoon.

Usually this creature is related to a missing person in that area but the weird thing is this creature is not many and can be found anywhere especially Sg Perak's area.

P/s: Sometimes I use "Bota" as my swearing words but as soon that I know it's a ghost then I stop using it.
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